Details of next ATLW meeting, Tuesday 9/26

7-9 PM, Fortune Cookie at N Druid Hills Rd x Briarcliff Rd
off I-85 exit 89. Note the temporary change in restaurant. This is in the same shopping center (Brighten Park) as Panera, but may provide a quieter environment.

Readings: ┬╗Folder Here

(1) You Are What They Say You Are, Jill B, short story (5600)

(2) Ch 7 of Muleskinner, Doug P, novel (4500)

(3) Ch 0-2 of Campfire Story by Sarah M, novel (4600)

(4) Ch ‘2 x 8‘ and ‘Veranda‘ from wt Whitmore, Jim T, novel (~6000)

Details of last ATLW meeting, Tuesday 9/12

7-9 PM, Panera at N Druid Hills Rd x Briarcliff Rd, off I-85 Exit 89

Readings: Folder Here

(1) Dreadhead, Short Story, 5322 words, Junmoke J

(2) Driving through Eden, Short Story, 1200 words, Joe K

(3) The Smartest Woman In The Room (conclusion), Novella, 5047 words, Linda L

(4) Whitmore, Ch 7 (conclusion), 8, 9, Novel, 5,600 words, Jim T