Removal Notice

This is a semi-automated notice.

Atlanta Tuesday Literary Writers is a group for active participants who attend in person and submit chapters or stories for critique at least several times a year.

RSVPing and then canceling does not count as participating.

If you decide you are ready and wish to participate actively in the group, you are eligible to rejoin via the standard process described at:

…a process that includes studying and agreeing that you support our two foundational documents (on the site), corresponding with me about your interest and your writing (email given on the site), submitting a sample of your literary writing, and (usually) participating in a meeting on a trial basis.

I understand social anxiety — a number of our members have it — but our seating is limited, and it is extremely unfair and offensive to other members to reserve a seat and then to no-show or to short-cancel. Those actions are #5 and #6 on the list of must-nots (page 3).

Simply re-clicking Request to Join without following this process will result in automatic rejection and possibly to banning from making future requests.

We are on waitlist at present, with admission time varying from a few weeks to many months. Priority goes to members of Atlanta Writers Club.

Thank you for your interest.

Jim T, Organizer